Welcome to We Care Concierge! Give us a call today! 786-6-WECARE (693-2273)

Welcome to We Care Concierge! Give us a call today! 786-6-WECARE (693-2273)

Welcome to We Care Concierge! Give us a call today! 786-6-WECARE (693-2273)Welcome to We Care Concierge! Give us a call today! 786-6-WECARE (693-2273)

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Though the concept of strong doctor-patient relationships is a core tenet that modern medicine should embrace, today, many physicians find it difficult to maintain connections with their patients. Today’s physicians are bombarded with multiplying administrative burdens that are typically generated by an explosive number of industry-wide changes, which all threaten the precarious balance of the doctor-patient relationship. We Care Health Concierge, LLC is here to restore that bond and to help make patients and physicians life much easier!


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A specialty pharmacy is a specific type of pharmaceutical delivery system which coordinates delivery and offers comprehensive support in the distribution of drugs which are high cost or complex and utilized to treat complex conditions.

Specialty Pharmacies are most often focused on the dispensation of specialty drugs.  While there is no standardized definition of what constitutes a specialty drug, most often the meet the following criteria:

  • the drug is a specialized, high cost product (typically more than $500 per dose or $6000 or more per year)
  • the drug is utilized as a complex therapy for a complex disease
  • the drug requires special handling or administering, shipping, or storage (such as an injectable)
  • the drug may have a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) in place specifying that there is required training, certifications, or other requirements that must be met in order for the drug to be administered.
  • The drug has the potential for significant waste due to high cost


What are Specialty Drugs?

Specialty drugs are used to treat a variety of complex and chronic conditions including but not limited to: acute pain, anemia, cancer, infertility, multiple sclerosis, HIV and hepatitis.  Some categorize specialty drugs as meeting all of the three H’s: High Cost, High Complexity, High Touch

Because of the specialized way in which these drugs need to be administered, specialty pharmacies come into play with a specific focus on this group of drugs and the required comprehensive and coordinated delivery and support required to effectively deliver these drugs to patients. 

Our pharmacy has an exclusive relationship with several manufacturers and wholesalers so that we can provide the best price for you! Our top exclusive products right now are Liquid Hydrocodone 10ml, Infertility Meds, and Symfi (FDA Approved) for HIV + patients. 

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